Sunday, September 16, 2007

Much Sewing, Little Knitting, and Ravelry

Years ago, when I was newly married, I bought a sewing machine from my brother-in-law, thinking that I would take up sewing. My (then) husband got more use out of the machine than I ever did. I was always a bit embarrassed by that, as my Hawaii grandmother was an accomplished needle worker. Not only did she sew beautifully, she taught sewing classes as well (she even went to other islands to teach!) She also knit and crocheted. My mother did not inherit my grandmother's talents; consequently she did not find it necessary to teach my sister or myself. Evidently, the crafty gene skipped a generation, because I am finally learning how to sew.
I have been taking a series of classes at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley. Funnily enough, my knitting created the need for me to learn how to use my sewing machine, since I wanted to make a holder for my dpn's and line the purses I've knit. My first sewing project is a pair of pajama pants. It's a pretty easy pattern, since I only have to worry about the inside seam (Yay! No outside seam needed!) I'm not entirely thrilled with the (almost finished) project - the legs are wide, my fabric choice was a little loud (ok, a lot), and they remind me of clown pants. My sister (God love her), told me to "get over it," because they are cute on and I would want them roomy in order to lounge comfortably. I guess I'll bring them out at Christmas time and try to blend in with the decor.
I just need to finish the hems.
Loud, isn't it?
There isn't much to report about my knitting projects, since the sewing class is taking up some of my free time. My projects have stalled out, but I hope to get back to them soon, since I finally received my invitation to Ravelry! My ID is hapagirl. I haven't added much to my notebook yet, but it is fun to look around and see what everyone else is doing.


tina said...

I knew you'd come back all productive! I adore sewing, it was my first skill set from the Crafty Family. When I taught my girls to sew they made pj bottoms as well, it is a great project and quite useful as well. You will be off and running and I can't wait to see what you stitch up next!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think those turned out great! Hope your first box arrived -- if not, it should be there soon!

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emicat said...

those pj pants are so cute! Retroey and they look nice and comfy soft :) I wish I learned how to sew from my mom. I suppose it isn't too late...

jackie said...

congrats to you on your first sewing project. they look great! i have to agree with your sister, big pj pants are comfy. and the colors will cheer you up in the winter. good job.