Saturday, December 1, 2007

Wake Up to Smell the Coffee

As I stated yesterday, I received the best package from my coffeeswap partner Susan! Can I show off the swag?
A pound of Sumatra Mandheling coffee from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I was so excited to see that the beans came from there, since I haven't had their coffee in years! I used to hang out in one of their shops when I went to college. The beans are going to christen the new coffee grinder my mom gave me for taking care of her beast until Christmas. Susan baked me some awesome oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies; unfortunately, they were camera shy and refused to be photographed (If you believe that, do I have a watch to sell you!) I also received a coffee take-out ornament, featuring my two favorite coffee drinks. It will look great on the tree with my Starbucks ornament.

Susan also knit for me! Not only did she knit a cabled coffee sleeve; she knit me a pair of pocket slippers using some hand spun/hand dyed yarn in beautiful fall colors. Can you see the heart-shaped buttons? I'll be honest: I've never seen pocket slippers before, but I put them on my feet and they look like Mary Jane's. Very sweet. I think all the women in my family deserve a pair. I'd better go snoop around on Ravelry for a pattern!

But wait! There's more! (Okay, I think I've been watching too much late night t.v. Sorry 'bout that) Beautiful, soft, sock yarn from Knitted Wit. I swear, I think this skein of yarn has every one of my favorite colors in it! Greens, blues, purple, magenta, & even a little light cocoa color when the colors blend together. Did I mention that it was hand painted, too? Wow, wow, wow.To round out the package, Susan also sent me some point protectors, a soy candle that smells like lime sherbet, and two tins of The Girls mints (Cafe Girl & Knitting Girl - yum!).

Susan, I cannot thank you enough! I really appreciate the effort you put into this package. Thank you for making this swap a terrific experience!


Laurie said...

The pocket slippers are indeed super cute. They are quite quick to knit up. I make them for baby showers as a gift for the mom-to-be because new moms need pampering and are usually "forgotten" in the hub-bub of baby things.
Oh, glad to see you made it through the report cards. Whether you have electronically produced ones or dinosaur-age hand written ones, it is an exhausting undertaking.

Susan said...

You are so very welcome Natalie!
It really makes me happy that I made you happy.
It has been fun getting to know you through this exchange.
I hope you are keeping warm with lots of coffee & handknits!

Brooke Knits said...

Speaking of SWAG... guess what Mr. Mailman gave me today?? My SP11 reveal box.. THANK YOOOOUUUUUU. You are a super duper pal. Every package has been incredible - I loved everyone!! My son ate one of the bags of almonds... he loves them.. I'll have to hid the second one... he's so cute.. he is 26 and sincerely shows a keen interest in my swap packages... perhaps it is the possibility of food.. but he is the only one who actually asks me to knit stuff for him!! That's why he's my favorite son (my only son, but my favorite son too...Thank you again.