Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Swap Partners Are Terrific!

To quote a certain country song, I've "Been a Long Time Gone." I don't quite know how that's happened, but I'll make a resolution to work on it next year. I hope everyone has been enjoying a happy holiday season!

In the meantime, look what arrived on the Thursday before Christmas! My SP 11 reveal package. Shawnee was so very creative, the gifts she gave me started with the letters of her name!

A rundown:
S is for the Santa Swankie hankies, the snowman ornament (it says I love my cat), and a mini scrapbooking kit.
H is for holiday bath beads (beautiful lavender scented blue beads).
A is for a new calendar - Knitting Pattern a Day!
W is for a beautifully crocheted warm scarf. It is a wonderful variegated blue that will go with everything.
N is for "N" sticky notes and new needles to go with the yarn she sent me (A generous hank of rayon/cotton blend from Newton Country Yarns. It's base is steel grey, surrounded by black and multi-colored rayon threads).
E is for Nicky Epstein's Knitting Never Felt Better. How I have been wanting that book! It is such a great resource.
E is for espresso beans from Starbucks(yum!) I also received a crocheted cupcake, a snack which is a much better for my waistline!

Shawnee was amazing; poor thing, her husband was in the hospital (thankfully, he's recovering), yet she managed to send out this wonderful package! Shawnee, thank you so much, I appreciate all the thought and care that went into this reveal! (And I'm sorry I didn't blog about this sooner, during the breaks in holiday madness, I had to do some post-surgery hand holding for my cousin).
I received the nicest snail mail thank you from my downstream SP 11 swap partner, Brooke, with an invitation to meet up at Stitches West. Those flip flops are so up my alley (My tree is covered with Hawaiiana: rubber slippers, geckos, cows that hula, and tropical Santas!) Thank you Brooke!

Finally, I received a Christmas greeting from Elvis via my coffee swap partner Susan. I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well! I thought of you when Stitch went up on the tree.

I must go, I have to go give my mother a guilt trip about my birthday...heh, heh, heh.


tina said...

GREAT goodies! How wonderfully clever.... I just love things like that with lots of thought! What a lucky girl you are!!!

So............. when IS your birthday, did it slip a cog (er, my mind???)

emicat said...

Looks like you've got some great packages there. The hawaiiana themed christmas tree sounds fun! :)

Happy New Year!

Susan said...

You are terrific, but blogger is very, very naughty!
This is my third attempt to leave a comment, so fingers crossed, here it goes.

I love your little Stitch! Just seeing him in his totally rad Elvis jumpsuit, makes me want to watch the dvd and spend some "ohana" time with the kiddo.

Happy New Year Natalie. I hope you survived the holidays and are enjoying the winter break.
Here's to good health, happiness and lots more knitting time in 2008!!!

Take care,
Susan xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy belated. I'm thinking about you! mtf!