Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Let There Be Balance in the Universe

When I got back from Alaska, my sister started leaving "funny" little messages on my Facebook wall. She started out with, "Got fish?" and progressed to, "We're all waiting to see if you grow fins and gills." Yeah, hah, hah, hah.

I warned her to be careful about teasing me, because it was "bachi" (loose translation: what goes around, comes around). So today I get a text report on the first day of fishing; everyone caught something & she caught a 90 pound halibut. Who's laughing now? Yeah, that would be me.


tina said...

yeah yeah......bachi baby!!!

emicat said...

I'm always telling my sister "bachi ataru" - I'd like to see my sis reel in a 90 pound halibut hahahaha

all these photos of fishing and halibut really make me crave some good fish for dinner :)