Monday, September 15, 2008


Whew! Hectic few weeks full of assessing kids, trying to appear professional during back to school night, and keeping my head above water. Things are starting to settle down and I'm getting back into the rhythm of things. I am firmly convinced that I am a very lucky person, as it appears that I have another good group of kids this year. They may not be the highest academically, but they are cute and they get along with each other. When my class has those two components, the learning will happen. Kind of like a teacher's Field of Dreams -- "if there is kindness, they will learn." I'll just keep my fingers crossed and try to channel Pollyanna.

Meanwhile, the mid-life crisis continues to push me towards self-improvement. This time it's Italian lessons. I forgot how much I hated to conjugate verbs. If only the mid-life crisis manifested itself as an Italian sports car... oh wait, I forgot, I'm a teacher and that's a pipe dream...

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emicat said...

Yeah for another behaving, cute class! Here's to another successful year.

Good luck on the Italian. I wanted to learn Norwegian for awhile, but never got around to being fluent. Oh well, I guess knowing 2 languages instead of 3 ain't all that bad ;)

Ciao!(that's about all I know - I know, lame)