Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Attempted Return to Blogging

Poor sad, neglected, little blog. I've fallen under the spell of a social networking site (that shall remain nameless) and spend far too much time playing with old friends over there. It seems that every time I think about updating this site, I go and play over there instead. Coffeeswap IV has opened up (although it closes today), so I'm back to blogging, in the hopes that I will be among the swappers.

School has been keeping me busy, as usual. I've also been spending many hours trying to finally get myself fit. This, of course, means that I haven't been making enough time for knitting. :- ( 
I picked up the needles again before Christmas to make a scarf for a colleague who has been helping me with a student. Taking breaks from knitting really makes you remember how enjoyable it can be! Since then, I've started two more projects -- and I will blog about them! 

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