Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crazy Busy

It's Thursday, right? I've been running around so much that I momentarily forget what day it is, since everything is blurring together. On the up side, my classroom is almost ready to go, after the annual rearranging of the furniture. I'm hoping this is the year that I have the perfect set up for years to come (but then again, I thought that last year!) On the down side, I wish my mother chose a different week to visit, as she invariably needs to go places. I find myself thinking of things I need to get accomplished by Monday and start to slowly stress out while I take her to the hairdresser, shopping, etc. Poor thing, she's lonely; I hope my stress isn't turning me into too much of a beoch.

Lucky for me, two things are keeping me sane: knitting and my animals. I've started knitting a chemo cap for an acquaintance who's sick. I'm making this pattern out of Rowan Calmer. Love knitting in the round -- no brain power required.

Since I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to my knitting, I'm also making a coffee cozy for my KVVS partner. Good old K2P2 ribbing. It's so easy on my mini-circular needles; I only wish they had not been discontinued!

The animals are also keeping me amused. Why is it that cats prefer to sleep in a cardboard box, instead of the nice beds not two feet away? They're so easy to please; just give them food and a box.


Anonymous said...

I love the kitty pictue! Mine do the same. Your classroom will be beautiful and believe me, you are no beoch! =) mtf

tina said...

Hey, you just MIGHT be a beach :) and it is okay! You have a lot on your plate right now. I know you are a kind hearted beach! Your classroom will be wonderful and well utilized!

Those circs----- very cool, I have never seen them!! They are discontinued?????

Lucky KVV pal to get a cozy, very sweet!

emicat said...

hehe love the cat-in-the-box photo. It's so funny how they're drawn to boxes and manage to squeeze themselves into them, no matter how small the box is :)