Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Think My Bee Done Died

I think my mystery stole is now officially D.O.A. I wonder if I will ever want to resuscitate it?

Meanwhile, socks rock! Mine looks like a footlet right now, but I'm almost finished with the heel (a Turkish heel). I am liking toes up socks much more than top down. Funny thing happened while I was in my sock class tonight - we suddenly quieted down and the woman across from me said, "We're moving." No, she's not moving from the area, we were really moving! There was a 5.6 earthquake in San Jose. We just sat there, riding it out, seeing if it was going to get strong enough to merit sliding underneath the table. After the earthquake, we had an interesting discussion as to whether or not a yarn store was a good place to be during a shaker. On one hand, the bags of yarn won't hurt too much if they fall on you; on the other hand, the shelves would probably leave a mark!


Susan said...

You had an early Halloween scare. :)
At least you could destress with knitting!
Have a Happy Halloween and thanks for the super cute card.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that someone described a knit sock as a giant condom once? heehee stills makes me laugh. ok, my junire high moment is over. mar.

tina said...

My mystery stole is not ever, ever not ever going to be finished. I really am not all that into the finished object, although fabulous---- I can happily say that I am repurposing mine. I had completed a nice sized triangle of lovely lace before stepping away so the repurposing is going to be to knit a couple rows of garter, and bind it off. Then I'll block it and it will be given to my oldest lucky daughter with a wonderful vintage brooch. I'm telling you, this will look completely great with a simple turtleneck or into the neck of a blouse. I've gone and told myself that I would have trouble planning such a fabulous thing! I'll put pics on my blog when the repurposement is done. Christmas is still a way off..............

laura said...

Hah! My mystery stole died too! I followed you back here from your comment on my blog about a month ago, so sorry I didn't reply (I feel like a jerk), but I never got an email notification about it... anyways, just wanted to say hi, and thanks for the comment a month late, and glad that you liked my coffee cozy (if you want to add it to ravelry go ahead - I'm there, but I have no idea how to do it.)