Saturday, October 6, 2007

Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Bookstore

I blame Borders and their email coupons for feeding my addiction. Amazon is also an enabler. Seriously, I should just quit my job and open up my own book/yarn/coffee shop. This book makes me want to become a better knitter. I like how the Beyond the Basics columns are interspersed throughout the book, so that they are near the patterns that would use the highlighted techniques.

~ sigh ~ If it's not the yarn that gets me, it's the books!


tina said...

I have seen this book, and up until now I was strong! Strong enough to tilt up my chin(s) and walk by----- tough as nails.

Now of course I am going to have to go pick the doggone thing up. You know where it leads, it's a slippery boogerin' slope right downhill to the cash register. I think the floors at Borders are even tilted! For me they tilt to the back right corner for one of those addictive white/maple lattes and then it tilts again to the back corner where the knitting books are...... then you are sated with sugar and warmth, arms piled high with books and you just sort of puddle towards the checkout. By the time the espresso buzz has left you don't quite know what happened!

So, open that store, you can enable me any old time. Just know that I like my coffee in bold fabulous combinations and it's mighty hard to give up the whip!

emicat said...

I'm right there with ya gal! Books, coffee and yarn are all my weaknesses. I had not seen that book and it looks verrrry tempting. I guess this is my payback for "making" you sign up for the coffee swap, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad that these are the addictions you have! mar

Anonymous said...

I'm totally addicted to books, too! This looks like a keeper for sure. Hope you're having a great weekend.

Your SP11 Pal