Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Proof That Some Things Do Get Finished

F.O. #1 - This was my first "big" project as a new knitter. The Cocktail Monkey bag from the Spring '05 issue of Knitty. Knitting with hemp wasn't the easiest thing to do, but the final results were worth it. It softened up a lot in the wash, so it needs to be lined with something that will help it keep its shape under the lucite handles.
F.O. #2 - The Chinese Charm bag from Stitch 'N Bitch. I used Noro Lotus for the body of the bag. Ok, ok, technically it's not finished, because it's not lined & the handles aren't on, but the knitting is done. Doesn't that count for something?
F.O. #3 - Hello Kitty stitch markers. I knew those jewelry making skills would come in handy!

I have to go...the cats are giving me stink-eye. It must be dinner time.


Pheelya said...

How cute!!! Where did you find the little Hello Kitty pieces to make your stitch markers????

hapagirl said...

Thank you! I just stopped by your blog, Frisco is one good-looking cat.

The Hello Kitty pieces came from Target. They are actually shoe charms for little kids. I just took them off their jump rings and wire wrapped them, so there would be less to snag at the yarn.