Monday, April 23, 2007

UFO's Spotted

When I was writing my answers to the coffee swap questions, I was surprised at the number of unfinished knitting projects that I have lounging around my house. Is there a support group for knitting ADD? Here's a sampling of what's (not) going on:Right now, it looks like a Dr. Seuss hat, but this is going to be a felted bag if I ever close up the other end of the tube and felt it. I'm not quite sure how that's going to happen, since I have a front-loading washer. It's the skinny tube baguette pattern from Noni Designs.

This is a Fleur de Lys (ruffled) scarf knitted with Linie 194 Solo. It's . . . interesting. You have to knit through the yarn, instead of wrapping it around normally. I think the pattern is more suited for a continental knitter and I'm not one of them. I hope to finish it by next winter, because it's heavy and warm. Yet another scarf (noticing a pattern?). I bought the yarn on a cold and drizzly day; Rowan Romance seemed so warm and sparkly. The pattern is a traveling vine, unfortunately it's not online anymore.
This is why I am not crazy about novelty yarn. The fuzzy stuff is Patons Mosaic. I bought it close to Valentine's day, thinking that it would be nice to wear in my classroom on February 14. So pink! So bright! So festive! Knitted alone, it was really bright. Like Pepto Bismo bright. Ugh! Trying to tone it down, I paired it with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the Hollyberry colorway. I wanted it to look like
this (see 1/31 & 1/26), but instead it reminds me of a bath mat. Yes Virginia, there is a big difference between Rio de la Plata and novelty yarn. Sigh, live and learn.

Finally, there's this scarf. It's knit with the most wonderful stuff around: Artfibers
Alfabeto. It's a knotted openwork scarf. I found the pattern here.

Finally, a warning: be careful what is lurking around your knitting!


prairiegirl said...

I have a front loading washing machine and I use it all the time to felt without any problems. I usually let it go through the whole cycle (darn thing won't unlock if it's in between start and finish!). I find it takes a few more times through than I used to do with the top loading, but the end result is just as good! Happy felting!

hapagirl said...

Thanks, prairiegirl! I like your brown and pink obviously felt successfully!