Saturday, April 21, 2007

Testing the Waters

It was inevitable. After all the blogstalking I do, I figure it's about time I come out of the shadows and start one of my own. I was just invited to join in the Knitter's Coffee Swap (yay!) and found out that this really isn't too difficult to do. So here goes...

I am a divorced mother of two...cats (the only grandchildren my mother's going to get). I could have had a teenager, but instead I have a sixteen year old tabby, with the ridiculous name of "Little Girl." When she was a stray living on my patio with her siblings, we just referred to her as that little girl cat; nothing else seemed to stick. She is, perhaps, the best cat I've ever had, probably because she's so faithful and follows me around like a dog.

This is Zoey. She came into my life last Christmas Eve, when I followed my sister into the Milo Foundation, an animal rescue organization. She must have seen the "sucker" tattoo on my forhead, because the minute she saw me, she was out of her bed and head butting the cage door. By the time she reached her paw out of her cage to grab me, I was a goner. Talk about false advertising: I take her home thinking she will cuddle with me and be a lap cat, then she turns out to be a big dork (she plays soccer with her kibble). Of course, that only makes me like her more. To her, I am only the can opener.

Me? I knit. I teach. I craft. I write.


Laura Sue said...

I was going to comment on the coffee swap blog, but instead will do it on your REAL blog! You go, girl! Congrats and all! I, too, am a blog stalker. You know what intimidates me most about having a blog? The pictures. Taking, uploading, putting in all the pictures. And without pics, let's face it, NOBODY'S gonna read a knitting blog! LOL! Anyway, you're brave to take the plunge!

hapagirl said...

Thanks so much for the support! Yeah, the picture downloading, etc. was intimidating at first, then the tech guy where I work told me that you can plug in most new cameras and "wizards" in your computer help you along. I made one big newbie mistake: don't click on the pictures, because they show up in an enormous pop-up window. Ooops, should have read the manual a bit more carefully!