Monday, June 18, 2007

Knitter's Tea Swap

My package for the Knitter's Tea Swap arrived. I was so spoiled by Carol! My package seemed to have a blue & brown theme to it.
First, the treats: Stash Tea Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black and Creme Caramel. Stash Teas come from my old stomping grounds in Portland, Oregon. I got through many a rainy day, thanks to that company! I also received a package of Nonni's chocolate coated biscotti, a package of Creme Savers candy-the Dessert Collection (I broke into the back of the bag before I took the picture), and Creme Caramel mix (I'm getting my hand torch ready for that one!). Carol also sent me some kitchen towels, and a glycerin soap made locally that smells like apples.
Shall we get to the knitting portion of the package? Two skeins of Rowan's Tapestry yarn. It is a wool/soy blend. It has a wonderful sheen to it, probably from the soy. I always like to try new fibers -- especially if they're soft. I think I will use it to knit this pattern; I learned about it on her blog (fitting, isn't it?)
Perhaps the best part of the package was the knitting basket she sent me. Lantern Moon! I was so excited to see that! I love their products and have always wanted to buy one of their baskets. Now I can keep the grey monster's paws out of my knitting!
Carol, thank you so much! I love it all.

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Carol B. said...

Yay, I'm so glad you liked everything! I have to admit -- I had thought twice about sending you the Lantern Moon basket... because I wanted to keep it once I saw how pretty it was, LOL! And I can vouch for the Creme Brulee mix - it's one I make all the time. So good! You said you liked ocean colors, and I immediately thought of the blue sea and brown sand, so that is kind of how I came up with the theme. At any rate, enjoy!!! I had a blast picking everything out for you!