Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer's Here - Let the Knitting & Reading Begin!

In between the concert-going and report card writing, I did find some time to knit...OK I knit while I procrastinated! But hey, it's stress reduction!

I am almost done with my second hat for the Charmed Knits knit-along. This time, it's Slytherin. I hope to send the first two off by the end of the week. All this Harry Potter knitting makes me want to reread the series before the last book comes out in July.

Thanks to some inspiration I've found in other knitter's blogs, I've decided to jump in and try to become a sock knitter. My progress so far:The yarn is actually a lot greener than the picture shows, I think the flash washed it out. To the naked eye it looks more like a green teal, instead of bluish teal. I'm using Cascade 220 Superwash (color 859-Lake Chelan Heather); they should knit up quickly. Why am I using worsted weight and not the Regia that has been calling my name? Because I am taking a sock class so the instructor will hold my hand and talk me through turning the heel. I could have probably figured it out from a book, but I like the social aspect of class. It's always nice to be around other knitters!


Cece said...

Socks! Awesome!!!

tina said...

I send you Good Sock Zen---- my second sock is back on the yarn ball, drat it anyway. I see your dpi's, good girl. I think I'm going back to them as well.