Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So Excited

Twenty-four years ago, my sister, her lousy boyfriend, and I had just completed a road trip from Salt Lake City to my family's home in Portland, Oregon. What occasion would make us get into my sister's VW Rabbit (aka The Great Pumpkin) that vibrated once it hit 55 mph? This magazine that was taped to my door as a homecoming greeting held the answer:

We were en route to the Tacoma Dome to see one of the last Police concerts. The Police were the soundtrack for my high school and college life. At one time, my roommate and I even had a wall of Sting up in our common room. I didn't know that I would have to wait so long to see them perform again. But tomorrow night, I am taking my sister and her stellar husband to McAfee Coliseum to hear them play again. I hope it was worth the wait!


tina said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you will find the wait worth it I have no doubt! Love your trip down memory lane. Because I am (so daintily) older, my roadtrip memories are of a VW Bus and the Grateful Dead. Anyway, have a great time!

Miss Me said...

so how was it? i saw them 25 years ago at the 2nd police picnic in toronto. awesome show!

emicat said...

How was the show? I'd have loved to see them when they were in Seattle, but I had other things going on this month and didn't have the $ to.