Saturday, June 23, 2007

Swaps and Socks

I've been a little swap crazy since I started this blog. This week, I received two sets of stitch markers direct from Canada, as part of the Summer Stitch Marker Exchange. Robyn sent me these great blue stitch markers. I wish my camera took a better close up shot, so you could see the detail in the larger bead (Notice I blame the camera; it's certainly not my fault. Ha!) Thank you so much Robyn, blue is one of my favorite colors!

I also received a set of stitch markers from Leigh. The central bead has a little flower with white heart petals. The white and red combo made "Oh Canada" start playing in my head! Thanks so much Leigh! These markers will certainly dress up my knitting!

On the knitting front, I was a little impatient for my sock class tomorrow, so I just charged ahead. Whoopee! I turned the heel! I put in life lines all over the place, just in case I made a mistake and have to frog back. By the way Tina, thanks for the advice on the sock book! I'll probably end up getting it, for as you so wisely stated, I can never have enough books!( I found that out this week when I packed up my personal classroom library -- twenty 12 gallon flip top crates. Yikes!)In addition to the knitting, I spent part of the day knee deep in laundry. Look what I found on my freshly laundered mattress pad. You turn your back for a second......


tina said...

Good for you for just plunging ahead and turning that heel! It is the d&$n gusset that gets me. sigh. You teachers are always the rule breakers!!!!!!

No you can never have too many books. I have knitting books that contain things I will never in a million years actually produce.

And the cat on the laundry? Heck, that is what you get for DOING it in the first place! :)

hapagirl said...

RE: And the cat on the laundry? Heck, that is what you get for DOING it in the first place! :)

I know, I know, but it was either that or no clean underwear!

Lia said...

Beautiful stitch markers! And good for you - turning that heel on your own! It is a lot easier than it looks. Have you tried "Sensational Knitted Socks"? It is the best book for socks, IMHO. Lots of cool stitch patterns, and lots of information on technique.

Elaine said...

i know--re:kitty on clean laundry. my version is a 25lb. black furry doggy rubbing her face in the clean sheets, at the head of the bed, and then sitting on the pillows. :o)
but we love her to bits!!! i mean, how can you not love something that lets you say, "I Love My Fanny" with a straight face?! haha!