Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just Tell Me That I Won't Go Blind

It's official - I'm a joiner. After teetering on the fence, I signed on to knit along with the group at Mystery Stole #3. I signed up a little late in the game, as Clue #1 was already out. Amimonogatari's pictures did me in. I had to try it!

The first clue suggested using either white or black yarn if we wanted to stick with the theme of the shawl. Since most of my lace yarn is some shade of red, I just had to go online to get more wool! (Hey, it was 11p.m. on Monday, my favorite store was closed!)

Boy, ships quickly! When I saw this petite little box today, I had my doubts that my whole order fit into it (The SPAM can is there for scale; it's a collector's edition, I'm not going to eat it!) But fit it tell me that I won't go blind knitting with black lace wool!


Midori said...

Wow, thanks - I don't know what to say, I'm surprised and flattered... You'll see far better-looking stoles on the MS3 group site. And thanks for all those lovely and encouraging comments on my blog!

PS You won't go blind. :-)

tina said...

Another lace sucker......... yes I too signed up a couple of days ago. Felt like a bozo too let me tell you, yikes. I currently have 40 rows of over 500 stitches for the Elizabeth shawl and here I am lusting after this lovely.

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