Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Yes Virginia, Miracles Do Happen!

Have You Heard About Digit? A few months ago, Yarn-A-Go-Go's beloved cat Digit disappeared. When I read this in her blog, I cried. I know what it's like (and how rare it is) to have a true "cat of my heart." Then last week, something amazing happened. Go look, I'll wait. . . If you clicked on the "Main" portion of her blog, you'll see that she's been taking donations for his care; anything raised above that amount will go to the Milo Foundation (where I got Zoey, but she was called "Sheba" back then) and the Best Friends Animal Society. An added bonus: you may win one of her hand knit sweaters!

Have a Happy Fourth!

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emicat said...

Love stories like that - but I hope he'll be alright soon. Sounds like he had a rough journey. Thanks for the link to the story.