Friday, July 13, 2007

The Mystery Shawl is Kicking My....

I think it's official. I'm the slowest of the slow bees on Mystery Shawl #3. The third clue came out today and I am still on clue one, Chart A. On the bright side, I'm beginning to appreciate purling now. It's the only mindless thing on those charts!

I have a strong suspicion that I'm in a knitting funk right now. I'm just not feeling the love. MS#3 is going at a snail's pace, as is a tank top I'm knitting from Knitting Lingerie Style. I really wish I was a faster knitter like some of my fellow knit bloggers. I mean, you look at their blog one day and they're just casting on for something, then whiz-bang it's finished and blocked! I find myself thinking, "How'd they get that done that fast?" I hope that it's a case of practice makes perfect. Yeah, that's the ticket! I think I'll go put "Finding Nemo" on and start chanting, "Just keep knitting, just keep knitting,..."

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