Monday, July 2, 2007

No Blogging = More Knitting

This weekend, I actually finished some things:

Hat #2 for the Charmed Knits knit along

I was so excited on Saturday, because I finally finished my first sock! I had to try it on and share it with Zoey. She rubbed up against it for about a minute, before trying to eat my ankle.

My instructor told us to cast on for the second sock within a week of completing the first one. I don't even thing I waited an hour. I have a pair of Clover mini-needles that I was aching to use. I have very small hands and the mini needles helped me speed through the cuff in no time. Actually, the second sock was a very quick knit; I was so determined to get it done, I even took it to the gym and knit the gusset and part of the foot while cycling on the recumbent bicycle (It's a women's gym--they've seen it before!). I think I understand the draw of sock knitting now.

First pair

My sister and I were supposed to go to Point Reyes on Friday, but she got a little flaky on me and we ended up going to buy plants at Annie's Annuals and Berkeley Hort. Since our plans changed, we also went to Stash. I was looking for short Crystal Palace DPN's for knitting socks, but no luck...I couldn't leave empty handed, so I had to buy yarn instead!

Gee, do you think I like red and berry colors? I have been wanting to buy some Malabrigo for the longest time; I finally broke down and bought two skeins of the lace-weight in the Pagoda colorway (the vermilion color is actually from Article Pract). At less than $9 per skein for 470 yards, I think I can justify it as a good deal. I also picked up some Panda Cotton (must knit more socks) and a skein of Rowan Calmer (it will be a chemo cap for a friend).


tina said...

Congratulations on the finished sock! I am applauding wildly!

And yes, no blogging does indeed equal more knitting........... but heck, where's the fun in that? :)


EnnaVic said...

Lovely hats and socks :)

How did your jogless joins go in the hats this time?

Elaine said...

great socks! and if you end up liking the panda cotton, try out the panda wool--it's even softer and squishier/spongier and it's 20% off this month at Article Pract! :o)heehee!