Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Comments on Comments

I never know exactly where to respond to comments. Sometimes I reply in the comment section, other times I leave comments in the commenter's blog. I'm not always quick with my replies, but I am thankful for the help you've given me with my knitting, the laughter some of your comments incite, and the overall friendliness of knitting bloggers. It's nice to be in this community!

For those who comment, a few words to you:

To Elaine (Kim-Chi Crafts), Blogger e-mails your comments to me and I'm constantly cracking up while reading them -- especially that day (you know the one) when you filled up my mailbox! You wouldn't be telling me about the Panda Wool because it was your staff pick this month, would you? I hope to bump into you one day at Article Pract!

To Tina (The Knitting Contessa), you make me smile, you make me laugh! Thanks for your support with the sock. The good sock zen helped :-) Because of you, I now listen to podcasts when I work out. I hope your EZ Pi shawl continues to be knitterly bliss! (I'm going to write about your special project in a separate post).

To Alicia (Ponyknit), Thank you for the comments! I see we share the same love of swaps (are we in trouble, or what?) By the way, I love the mittens!

To Enna (Loose Yarn and UFO's) Thanks for your support for my house hats! For Slytherin, I used this join, but managed to mess it up a bit somehow (whoops!). Blocking performed its usual miracle. I will conquer that jogless jog yet!

To Midori (Amimonogatari), I hope to be as a fearless knitter like you are one day! (A cabled hat as a first knitting project? Clapotis as your second? Rewriting the Pomatomus pattern to fit your feet? You rock!) You inspired me to join in Mystery Shawl 3. I only hope my results are as good as yours!

And finally, to my spoiler from the Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap, I did receive your email!


EnnaVic said...


I never know where to comment on comments either - and have been really bad lately in any case.

What a lovely post - you are right - knitters make a wonderful community.

Elaine said...

I JUST saw this entry! i dunno how i missed it!!!
well, i'm glad you got a kick out of my barrage of comments! :o)
look forward to seeing you at the yarn store! have a great weekend!