Saturday, May 19, 2007

50 Things to Eat Before You Die

One of the nice things about taking part in a swap is getting to know someone through their blog. This list from a BBC reader's poll was on my tea swap partner's blog. Maybe I'm wrong, but going through the list, I am convinced that most Americans are probably more adventurous eaters than people in the UK.

My Results:
1. Fresh fish - Yes.

2. Lobster - Yes.
3. Steak - Yes. I am a confirmed carnivore.
4. Thai food - Yes.
5. Chinese food - Yes.
6. Ice cream - There’s always room for ice cream.
7. Pizza - Who hasn’t eaten pizza? I love the spinach and mushroom one from Zachary's. If you're ever in the Bay Area, you should try it!
8.Crab - My favorite time of the year is when the start of crab season is announced on the news.
9. Curry - Yup.
10. Prawns - Check.
11. Moreton Bay Bugs - Do crayfish count? They look like they’re the same size.
12. Clam chowder - Always New England style on clam chowder Friday.
13. Barbecues - Mmmm. Roast beast! I’ve never met a barbecue I didn’t like. *If you ever get a chance to eat Brazilian barbecue (churrasco), do it!
14. Pancakes - Yep, but I prefer French toast or waffles.
15. Pasta - Yes!
16. Mussels - Yes.
17. Cheesecake- Yes.
18. Lamb - I think people either love lamb or hate it. I enjoy it; but then again, I pretty much like everything except liver, or fermented tofu, or lima beans, or...
19. Cream tea- Mmmm. Clotted cream and scones.
20. Alligator- No, but I bet it tastes like chicken.
21. Oysters - Yes. In winter, I love to eat them in stew.
22. Kangaroo - No.
23. Chocolate - Yes. Pretty much a given.
24. Sandwiches- Ditto.
25. Greek - Yes!
26. Burgers - Make mine medium rare with mushrooms on top.
27. Mexican food - Of course.
28. Squid- Yum! A workout for your teeth.
29. American diner breakfast - Do truck stops count?
30. Salmon- Eight years of my life were spent living in Oregon. There were times when I felt like the Bubba Blue (think Forest Gump) of salmon. I love smoked salmon when it's still warm from the smoker.
31. Venison - Had it. Moose was better. So was elk.
32. Guinea pig - Not Fluffy!
33. Shark - My parents lived in Hong Kong for 14 years. Shark fin is in many dishes. Kind of unavoidable when you’re trying to be polite.
34. Sushi - My people’s soul food. But what’s up with the cream cheese ones? That’s like adding fruit to bagel dough!
35. Paella - Yes. Fried rice, big whoop. Not crazy about it.
36. Barramundi - I don’t think so.
37. Reindeer - Rudolph? No way!
38. Kebab - I love chelo kebabs with a side of fattoush salad.
39. Scallops- Yes.
40. Australian meat pie - No. Isn’t it just a chicken pot pie with beef?
41. Mango - Yum.
42. Durian fruit - Oh, P.U.! If I have to hold my nose to eat it, chances are I won’t.
43. Octopus- Yep, Mom makes a great salad with cucumber, rice vinegar, and octopus.
44. Ribs - My favorite.
45. Roast beef - Yes. Just had some yesterday!
46. Tapas - Yes.
47. Jerk chicken/pork- Yes.
48. Haggis - Not in your life.
49. Caviar- Black, red, yellow, and green. You’re not a good Japanese girl if you don’t eat these.
50. Cornish Pastry- Yes. They sell them at my farmer’s market. I want to eat one in the UK someday.

So much of this list seems normal to me (well, except for durian and haggis, but they're not normal!) I keep thinking there should be more things on the list, like: sugar apples, jabuticaba, feijoada, bulgogi, Nutella crepes, or even a pastrami on rye from a great deli! What would be on your list?


Alexandra said...

Are you Brazilian?
I agree with all the additions and will add passion fruit, açaí, sugar cane juice, and caju.

hapagirl said...

No, I'm not Brazilian, but I have lived in both Rio and Sao Paulo, and I was married to a Brazilian citizen.

I'm so glad that acai products are coming to the US now, I missed eating/drinking it (the same goes for caldo de cana!)