Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Waiting for Inspiration to Strike

So much yarn...so little knitting going on...

Whenever I start a new hobby, I have a tendency to be really enthusiastic and want to get my hands on the things I need to make what I envision. Consequently, I have a hard time passing yarn up. I really like the colors of Manos del Uruguay, especially the variegated red skeins and the ocean colored skeins. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure what I am going to make, since I have the bad habit of only buying enough for a scarf. What can I make with two skeins of Manos? A hat? No, my head is ginormous and I look like a goober in hats. Some wrist warmers maybe? I wonder if it is enough to make something felted.

The yarn is actually brighter than this, I think I needed daylight for them to really "pop."

I'm lucky to live in the Bay Area, because Artfibers is in the city. (Given what happened on Sunday, I'm lucky that I don't have that commute!) Their Kyoto yarn is so soft and beautiful. It's 69% silk, 25% superkid mohair, and 6% extrafine wool. I love it...and of course, only enough for a scarf!

Honestly, I really am capable of knitting more than large rectangles. During the school year, I want something mindless to work on. No, make that mindless work with quick gratification. For me, scarves pretty much fill that description. Any suggestions?

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