Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Film at Eleven

Alert the media -- I went into a yarn store today and did not buy yarn.
Are the planets out of alignment? (Ha! Maybe I am, considering the neck cracking I received from my doctor yesterday.) I hope I didn't upset the balance of nature, given that I live in earthquake country. Oops, I shouldn't write things like that, it's bachi (bad luck). I'd better change the subject...

I made it into the Knitter's Tea Swap 3. : ) I was a little worried when Suzie wrote this on the blog:
P.S. The swap is closed to new swappers for this round--I'm sorry, I just can't take on any new people. Please stay tuned for KTS4!
Even though I had an invitation to join in, the paranoid part of me kept wondering if I was going to be "uninvited" because I was new. But no, I am happy to say that I did, in fact, get in and my swap partner already sent me a very nice email. Whew! Worries abated!

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