Friday, May 18, 2007

I Just Don't Understand It

Now that Open House is over, I started to plan a relaxing summer. I wanted to get away for a while, since I haven't taken a vacation for a few years. Look what greeted me when I opened my mailbox today.

Yay. Yipee. Whoo-hoo. Don't get me wrong. I believe in doing my civic duty; I have served on a jury before and reported for service. However, I have lived in my house for almost seven years, and I've been called for jury duty every year, save one. This is a random drawing of names? I don't think so. Out of 671,791 registered voters in my county (and probably twice that registered with the DMV), I fail to understand why my name always comes up! My sister lives in an adjacent county and has never been called to serve; she does, however, manage to laugh at me whenever I get the summons. What a sweetheart (she's older, it's to be expected!) So now I have a decision to make - report for service and miss the last week of school, or defer service and put in long days (jury duty + writing sub. plans + commuting) during the school year?

I wonder if I can take knitting needles into the court house? Hmmmm......

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