Thursday, May 17, 2007

Knitter's Tea Swap 3

One of the good things about swaps is that it gives you something to write about in your blog when work has zapped your brain cells. I've been busy preparing for Open House at my school: cracking the whip, stressing out, finishing projects, stressing out, cleaning the classroom, and stressing out. There's a theme in there somewhere. As of tonight, it's finally over (whoo-hoo!). I don't know if I can utter a coherent sentence, but questions? I can do those.

Restrictions on type of tea?
I tend to prefer black teas over green or herbal teas. I enjoy drinking Darjeeling or Irish/Scottish Breakfast teas. I like Chai, if it isn't too sweet. When I drink green tea, I only drink Genmai Cha (green tea, roasted rice, & popcorn bits). My mom's Japanese, so this was always in the house. Every so often, I make green tea "lattes" at home using matcha. I like making my own because I can control the sweetness and mine don't have that funky melon flavor that Starbucks has (some flavors just aren't meant to go together!)
Treat preference?
I'm pretty easy to please; I like cookies, milk chocolate, and salty things. Not so crazy about dark chocolate or white chocolate.
Yarn color preference?
I like colors that are found in nature: ocean colors (greens & blues), autumn colors (reds,browns, & dark orange), and muted greens. I prefer subtle to bright.
Oh-and thanks to the Hello Kitty onslaught of 2006-2007, I really don't like pink.
Sock knitter?
I hope to be one by the end of summer break!

My swap partner (Hi Carol!) also added some questions:
How long have you been knitting?
My cousin taught me when I was in fifth grade. I knit some horrendous swatches and put away the needles until 2005, when I saw one of the school secretaries teaching another teacher. I bought some cheap yarn, went home, pulled out the needles, and started to teach myself from a child's craft book. Article Pract improved my technique and turned me into a knitter.
What is your favorite thing to knit?
During the school year, I like uncomplicated knitting projects: dishcloths, purses knitted in the round, scarves that don't require a spreadsheet to keep track of the stitches. I went through a period of baby hat knitting, because there were eight pregnancies in one year at my school. I found this pattern easy to adapt to whatever yarn I had handy.
How would you describe your style?
I like a mix of modern and vintage, especially if it has "clean lines" (as in Mission, Scandinavian, & Japanese). The same applies to my personal style; I like casual, comfortable clothes with a classic line. I'm not trendy. I don't like flowery or fussy things; I prefer "rustic" to country.
Favorite and least favorite scents?
Unscented? No, I like lighter, "clean," single-note, scents. I like jasmine, clary sage, and citrus scents. Even though it's sweet, I find the smell of honey comforting. I don't like heavy florals or "oriental" scents (Have you ever been trapped in a car with a woman who bathes in Opium? Blech!)


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