Friday, May 25, 2007


A few weeks ago, I went to Napa with two of my friends from school for a girls day/night out. Since I live the furthest south, I volunteered to pick everyone up and do the driving. We were supposed to be heading out to the outlets, but somehow my navigators only directed me to the wineries. Funny how that happened..Now, this would be great if I drank, but I don't...I can't. One of the few Japanese traits my mother passed down to me was an affliction known as the Asian Flush, or as I prefer to call it, the Asian blush. (Really, what were they thinking by calling it Asian flush? So much inappropriate humor springs to mind. Sorry, I teach second grade...potty humor abounds. But I digress...) Apparently, I have a mutant gene that affects how my body breaks down alcohol. Whenever I drink, I turn red (sometimes burgundy - real pretty!), my face and ears get hot, and then I can feel my heart beating in my ears. On the bright side, I'll probably never be an alcoholic.

After a day of chauffeuring my friends and their ever escalating buzz around, I'm ashamed to say I was a little cranky. I really like Napa; I think it's beautiful up there, but c'mon, there is only so much "view" that one can enjoy! I began to wonder where in Napa a drinker and a non-drinker could go to have fun. The answer came from my student's mom who is in the wine business: Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food, and the Arts. They seem to have it all: wine and food tasting, organic gardens, concerts, art exhibitions, films, shopping, and dining. Copia was featured in the first season of Top Chef (love that show!), where they cooked in Julia's Kitchen.

Hmmm...Julia's Kitchen now has a lounge. With a happy hour. Maybe I can take them up there, get 'em snockered, and then we can play the game of Blackmail. Heh, sometimes not drinking can have its advantages.

5/29- Edit - If you're interested, we went to the V. Sattui winery in St. Helena and Mumm Napa.


Carol B. said...

What wineries did you visit?

Elaine said...

i went to V.Suttui and Robert Mondavi and Mumm several years ago with the family over Thanksgiving holiday. it was great but I too am afflicted with inability to drink more than a few sips of alcohol. :o)
If you ever go to Copia, let us know how you like. it. It sounds and looks amazing. I saw that episode of Top Chef and it looks wonderful... i'll have to make a point of either going there or the CIA academy up there.