Saturday, May 12, 2007

So Much for the Yarn Diet

misti alpaca hand dyed
misti alpaca hand dyed,
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Hapagirl Knits.
It's funny how selective willpower can be. If I'm on a diet (and not stressed out), I'm pretty good at resisting chocolate, cake, chips, etc. The thought of all the exercise I would have to do to reverse the effects of overindulgence usually keeps me in check ("I have to do how many minutes on the stair climber to get rid of this?").

Why isn't it ever that simple with yarn? My inner dialogue always seems to fail me. "Put it back. You told yourself you wouldn't buy any more yarn." I sigh and put it back. I take another lap around the yarn shop. Funny, I end up right in front of the magical skein in question. The colors are so pretty. (Warning: Embarrassing admission follows.) I pet the yarn. (whimper) But it's so soft. I like it. "No, you're on a yarn diet, remember? You have uku billion (pidgin for plenty) skeins at home. Where are you going to store it, anyway? Go find some yarn for your swap partner." I do the shopping I'm supposed to do and end up in front of the Misti Alpaca again. I just can't help myself.

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